Seascape porcelain earrings

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”Seascape” porcelain jewellery range.

These porcelain stud earrings have been individually handcrafted, hand printed and then hand painted with a sea and ocean inspired design.

They have been high fired to 1250degrees Celsius or higher for strength, and are unglazed and polished up to be super smooth to touch. I combine the use of several patterns and carefully design the arrangement and colour scheme so that this range is distinctly unique.

The earrings measure approximately .5”(1.5cm) x .5”(1.5cm). They have silver plated butterfly stud attachments so are safe to wear with base metal allergies.

Photographs are a representation of the design and colour, and as each piece is handmade and unique, you may receive similar but not the actual piece photographed.

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